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ENRICH in China Member is any organisation or individual interested in getting informed about, acquainted with or engaged in the Europe-Chinese STI cooperation landscape may become a member of ENRICH in China.

There are two types of ENRICH Members:

ENRICH in China aims to build a large community of Members from all over Europe and China interested in getting acquainted and informed about Europe-China innovation and business cooperation and willing to help disseminate the Centres activities and services at the same time. Members’ participation is deemed essential for ENRICH in China’s success as it will enable the Centre to identify and build upon the concrete needs and demands from European and Chinese actors working in the STI field on both sides.

As an ENRICH in China Member, you will receive benefits and services such as:

  • Access to the ENRICH Community - the largest Pan-European & Chinese STI network, benefitting from the cooperation and networking possibilities it provides.
  • Free access to ENRICH in China information and intelligence papers, reports and studies.
  • Get first-hand information about Europe-China cooperation on science, technology and innovation.
  • A 50% discount rate on any ENRICH in China activity– tours, workshops, other trainings and other events.
  • Priority access and special discounts (defined on a case by case basis) on the activities organized by the ENRICH centres in Brazil and USA.
  • Exclusive use of ENRICH in China Member Status logo.
  • Access to the reserved area of ENRICH in China website
  • Availability of ENRICH in China communication channels (online and in paper) to promote your organization services and activities.

What is needed to become an ENRICH in China Member?

The organisation or individual willing to join ENRICH in China as a member need to meet following requirements:

  • Submit an online based application form filled out complete and comprehensibly (all fields marked with an asterisk (*) are required)
  • Operate along the innovation value chain
  • Ability to communicate / offer services in English
  • Payment of the Membership fee

In addition, the potential Member needs to complete an online application. This form and the approval of the “Terms and Conditions” serve as a formal contract between the Member and ENRICH in China.

Once the applicant has provided all necessary documents, met all selection criteria and ultimately ENRICH in China has approved and informed the applicant about the successful procedure to become an ENRICH in China Member.


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