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Soft Landing Zones & Regional Hubs

ENRICH in China Soft Landing Zones are European or Chinese business support organisations based in China, which provide conditions (specially infrastructure) that allow for longer stay of ENRICH in China clients in the country. They are accredited through ENRICH in China Innovation Support Accreditation service to become specialised service providers within ENRICH in China community.

The services provided by SLZ fall into the category of co-working and soft landing activities, comprising:

  • Localization guidance
  • Co-working space offer
  • Administrative and secretariat support
  • Advice on laws and regulations affecting RDI-related activities
  • Introduction to the local scientific and business community


Getting the ENRICH Soft Landing Zones status will enable the applicants to acquire credibility as an organisation that through constant monitoring pursues continuous improvement, to gain recognition among the EU-China research and innovation ecosystem as well as to have a higher visibility when attracting European companies and researchers with innovation potential.

As an ENRICH in China SLZ, you will receive benefits and services such as:

  • Access to the ENRICH Community (the largest Pan-European & Chinese STI network)
  • Profiles and visibility on ENRICH in China Website and social media
  • First-hand information on ENRICH in China activities
  • New business opportunities and new clients acquired through service provision
  • Free access to ENRICH RDI Briefings and RDI Intelligence Reports
  • Free access in every event organized by ENRICH in China (limited to 3 pax)
  • Authorized use of ENRICH in China trademark
  • Co-organization /co-hosting of matchmaking tours
  • New business opportunities and new clients acquired through referral (from Hubs, Head Offices or RCPs)

Eligibility Requirements

To become a SLZ for ENRICH in China, the prospective applicant needs to meet the following requirements:

  • To operate along the innovation value chain
  • To be able to communicate / offer services in English
  • To be registered as legal entity in China or Europe
  • To offer relevant services(see above)
  • To pay the SLZ subscription fee
  • Submit the online application form

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