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ENRICH in China & IGI Sino-Europe Innovation Workshop


18 December 2019 from 13:00 - 17:10

Beijing, China

ENRICH in China & IGI Sino-Europe Innovation Workshop


Date: December 18th, Wednesday, 2019

Venue: F8, No. 4 Building, Shuangqing Mansion, No. 77, Rd. Shuangqing, Haidian, Beijing -Tsinghua University


Background & Objectives

To help European technology-based companies and other STI stakeholders better understand the Chinese STI ecosystem and trends and challenges for technology transfer, and to bridge this knowledge gap and to accomplish ENRICH’s mission of connecting and supporting European STI actors in the Chinese market, the workshop will invite speakers from both Chinese and European sides to give deeper insights of these topics and address a few key issues in regard to Sino-EU STI cooperation.

The workshop will also provide an excellent platform for knowledge sharing and networking among policy makers, industries and research institutions, enabling the community to gain a common understanding on the topics above for China and Europe and on a global scale.



1:00-1:30 Registration and Welcome

1:30-1:35 Opening Remarks

1:35-2:00 Technology Transfer in China, Prof. Jizhen LI, Associate Dean, School of Economics and Management, Tsinghua University

2:00-2:25 Industry Upgrading of the Chinese Manufacturing Sector, Prof. Hengyuan ZHU, Associate Dean, Institute for Global Industry, Tsinghua University

2:25-2:50 Challenge and Opportunity of European R&D in China, Dr. Zhonghua XU, Vice President, Head of Total R&D for Asia; Chair, R&D WG for the European Union Chamber of Commerce in China

2:50-3:10 Q&A and Closing Remarks

3.10-5.10 Visit to SinoHytec



Please contact Johnny Pan at by December 11th



  • Institute for Global Industry, Tsinghua University
  • ENRICH in China (European Network of Research and Innovation of Centres and Hubs, China)


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