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Webinar: International AI-based Medical Companies Online Roadshow

Webinar - Public

13 December 2018 from 07:50 - 12:00

China, Online

This webinar will be focused on matchmaking international medical projects with Chinese investors, each company will be allowed to be pitched within 30 minutes and the last 30 minutes will be left for Q&A session. 

Date: 13 December 2018

Time: 7.50h – 12h CET

7.50 - Introduction of the Online Roadshow; by John Zhang, Med Valley-Capital Medical University

8.00 - Pitching of Companies 

Owlytics; by Gill Zaphrir, CEO

CardioKol; by Alon Goren, CEO

ATLASense Biomed; by Tal Or, CEO

Sanoculis; by Nir Israeli, CEO

PRO-IV MEDICAL; by Michal Devir, CEO

ODP; by Sergio Moskovitz, CEO

EDAS Healthcare; by Guy Livne, CEO

Mooving Floor; by Katja Lindvall, Vice-President

11:30 - Q&A

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Brief Introduction of Companies at the Online Roadshow:

  1. Owlytics

The Owlytics platform automatically tracks and analyses health patterns transmitted through wearable devices (i.e. Samsung Gear/Garmin Band etc.) worn by each resident, Owlytics compiles individual physiological profiles and utilizes machine-learning algorithms to compare current health patterns with resident’s history. Once the system identifies a health event is about to occur, such as- elevated fall risk, fall event, pre-dehydration or other abnormal-functionality indications common among elders, it pushes notifications to caregivers in time to treat or take immediate actions through a dedicated caregiver control station, or mobile phone, thereby preventing potentially critical outcomes. Owlytics is a HIPAA compliant, personal physiology health detection service for early auto-identification and prevention of adverse health events in seniors. Owlytics provides a unique, cost-effective data analytics platform for the $6 billion tech-based service market of seniors residing in assisted-living and independent- living facilities, where small nursing staffs are often responsible for many seniors. Owlytics also supports home-care services via response center partners. Increasing nursing staff efficiency and attentiveness by enabling smarter triage, Owlytics saves significant costs for nursing homes and ensures better personalized care, providing peace of mind for seniors and their families.


  1. Cardiokol

Cardiokol Inc. is a digital health company, developing voice-based biomarkers and software applications utilizing smartphones and other speech platforms to passively monitor large populations at risk of severe medical events, for unlimited time periods. Cardiokol’s initial application is intended to identify Atrial Fibrillation (AF) events, as early detection of such events can significantly reduce strokes and cardiac failures. The company plans to deploy its B2B cloud-based applications globally, in collaboration with telehealth providers, healthcare systems, medical insurers, self-insured employers and telecom companies.


3.      ATLASense

ATLASense Biomed Ltd. provides digital health solutions for the growing elderly population, empowering family, carers, and doctor alike. One device, linked to a smartphone/computer via our cloud platform, can monitor dozens of health conditions. ATLASense’s miniaturized technology is based on 40 years of analog/digital sensor and algorithm development by a team of Israeli scientists and engineers.


  1. Sanoculis

Sanoculis Ltd. develops MIMS: Minimally Invasive Micro Sclerostomy technique for a quick, simple and stent-less reduction of the intraocular pressure in glaucoma patients.

MIMS Procedure: A Next Generation Alternative MIMS is an ultra-minimally invasive, super quick (2 minutes) Glaucoma procedure. The MIMS device consists of a single-patient use sterile tool, alongside with a multi-use machine. During a simple, 2-step automated procedure, a sclero-corneal drainage channel is created to reduce IOP (comparable to existing surgical techniques). MIMS expected bene­ts lie in its drainage channel, ensuring a long-lasting safe and controlled uid ow, no stitches, eye-patch, implant or stent. MIMS is designed to reduce Glaucomatous patients’ caring costs through procedure simplicity, low cost, fewer post-surgical complications and less hospitalization.


  1. PROV-IV

PRO-IV MEDICAL is the first to bring IV infusions into the mobile networked world by inventing IMMAGES, a suite of mobile devices for infusion monitoring, management, and error prevention. IMMAGES offers remote real-time monitoring of many patients simultaneously and generates full, accurate records.

• BROAD APPLICABILITY: The technology may be used with gravity infusions and most infusion pumps.

 • ASSURES COMPLIANCE: The system assures compliance with SOPs for IV drug administration, thereby increasing patient compliance, especially in home infusions, and reducing unnecessary re-hospitalizations.

• Revolutionary: Provides Improved Helathcare outcomes, reduces caregiver tasks and imakes IV infusion safer.


  1. ODP

ODP™ is a cutting-edge delivery system in the Oral cavity, designed for sustained release of pharmaceuticals, nutraceuticals and veterinary medications.

The Challenge: Currently, there are no effective mechanisms for sustained local delivery to the oral cavity and upper GI tract. There is a need for controlled release of medications, nutraceuticals that improve oral and systemic health.

Specifically, some of the condition that currently lack a satisfactory solution are:  Oral thrush - Prevalence among AIDS patients is estimated to be between 9% and 31%, studies show clinical evidence of oral candidiasis in nearly 20% of cancer patients;  Additional conditions: Autoimmune, Orthodontics;

Halitosis – 35% - 45% of the world population;

Dry Mouth.

Current treatments are short lived, do not provide solution for sleep time and/or complex to use and require medical supervision.

The Solution: ODP™ & Competitive Advantage: 

Innovative new platform for customizable drug & additive delivery 

Extended time controlled release – 12 hours and more


No swallowing required 



Reduced adverse drug reactions 

Improved patient compliance - self administered & easy to use 

Designed to conveniently withstand the oral environment


  1.  EDAS – Health care 

 "Changing infectious disease diagnostics method"

Lack of diagnostic information is leading to misdiagnosis of infectious diseases and prescription of unnecessary antibiotics, which becomes a major challenge to Healthcare systems globally.

SOLUTION EDAS Healthcare is developing a real-time diagnostic system that will be used by physicians to: 

Identify the root cause of an infectious disease.

Reducing immensely the need of physical lab tests. 

Prevent overuse of antibiotics.

Our machine learning technology already showed in a POC with Hadassah Medical Center that it can save inaccurate treatments by up to 50%.

EDAS Healthcare disruptive technology is the only existing technology for real-time specific and accurate results, without the need of physical lab tests.



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