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A-TEC China Challenge - Innovation Contest

 A-TEC China Challenge - Innovation Contest


Led by Sino-Global Tech Investment, China Landing & Scaling Groups: Leaguer Group, Convergence Partners, ENRICH in China; hosted by Shenzhen Municipal Government; supported by reputable corporate partners.

The Innovation Contest will collect excellent projects from all over the world, covering five divisions in China (North China, Yangtze River Delta, GBA, Southwest China, Northwest China) and two overseas divisions (Europe and Asia). The Innovation Contest is carried out in the forms of roadshow and Q&A, it aims to explore disruptive innovation ad breakthroughs.

  • 25 European Tech Innovators invited to participate in the Erlangen pitch contest on 18/ 19 June*
  • 10 Erlangen finalists will be taken to Shenzhen for the Final in Q4 2020, along with cohorts from Germany, Israel, Japan and China
  • Cash Prizes of RMB 800,000 / 500,000 / 300,000 / 100,000 will be awarded to the top 7 finalists

*The organisation is currently considering to move the pitch presentations online (rather than the physical event in Erlangen/ London), subject to Covid-19 developments over the next weeks. 

The innovation contest covers three industries: AI, cyberspace, and biotechnology, focusing on the following fields:

  • AI: unmanned system, machine game playing, distributed collaboration, human-machine hybrid, and other innovative technologies and applications;
  • Cyberspace: network information security, application of 5G in vertical industries, networked microsystems, and other innovative technologies and applications;
  • Biotechnology: biomaterials, biomimetic materials, biosimilar intelligence technologies, new synthetic biology technologies, human condition monitoring, health improvement, and other innovative technologies and applications.

Why Participate? All Finalists Win:

• Dedicated match making with leading Chinese corporates, government and investors.

• Growth funding opportunities and internationalisation support with Leaguer, Convergence Partners, and ENRICH in China.

• Long term strategic partnerships for China market entry and scaling.

• Free travel to Shenzhen, China’s no. 1 tech hub.

• Cash prizes for winners, 1st - 7th in each of 3 sector foci.


(1) All candidate projects shall be related to AI, cyberspace, and biotechnology or their segmented fields.

(2) Candidate projects should be innovative and technologically advanced.

(3) Candidate teams shall show strong ability in technical research and development.

(4) Team members and their organizations shall have good social reputation and no bad records.

(5) The products, technologies and patents of projects to be submitted shall belong to the team, team member or organization, and there is no property right dispute.

Submission of Applications

Send us your application until April 30th. Please include Company Presentation, completed Registration Form and Participation Statement and send to and

You can learn more about the contest on this flyer and in the official website:

*Travel Expenses & Accommodation will be covered for all finalists travelling to China.



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