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CaixaImpulse COVID-19 Call for Spain & Portugal

 CaixaImpulse COVID-19 Call for Spain & Portugal

“la Caixa” Foundation, from Spain, is promoting a call for projects that address the COVID-19 emergency, that is running until 15 April.

With the Express Call for Projects Focused on COVID-19, CaixaImpulse seeks to contribute to the management of the current and future pandemic crisis. The call will specifically give support to clinical and translational proposals that include clearly targeted technologies or projects to prevent, treat, monitor, or diagnose the COVID-19 disease.

The Call will consider applications for Projects led by Spanish and Portuguese public or non-profit legal entities (universities, research centres, hospitals) with Assets or innovative approaches resulting from the research activity.

The Call will provide financial support of up to 300,000€ for a maximum of 24 months. In addition, the non-financial and ad-hoc needs of each Project will be considered.

To know more, please visit the CaixaImpulse website at

Posted by Mariana Marques on 03-Apr-2020 18:56

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