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ENRICH in China co-organised the China-EU Health Cooperation Dialogue on December 2nd

ENRICH in China co-organised the China-EU Health Cooperation Dialogue on December 2nd

ENRICH in China co-organised the China-EU Health Cooperation Dialogue on December 2nd

On December 2nd, China-EU Health Cooperation Dialogue, organised by SENET - Sino-European Health Networking Hub, in collaboration with ENRICH in China was successfully held in Beijing. The event aimed to exchange good practices from the EU and Chinese health researchers and develop policy recommendations for supporting future Sino-European research collaborations from understanding, preventing, and managing global health challenges such as pandemics, chronic disease prevention and control, and the obstacles and impetus to the international development and promotion of traditional Chinese medicine.

At the opening remarks, Hicham Abghay, Steinbeis 2i GmbH, coordinator of the SENET Project, introduced the SENET project, a Horizon 2020 project funded by EC, and highlighted the importance of mobilizing the health resources from the EU and China to facilitate more cooperation opportunities in both health research and industry level. Professor YANG Yuexin, vice chairman of Beijing Science and Technology Association, President of Chinese Nutrition Society, Academician of IUNS, also mentioned that China and EU could jointly explore and promote cooperation in the field of public health, promote independent healthy lifestyle actions such as reasonable diet and regular exercise, promote research and development of new products in the medical and health industry, and better provide a full range of health services to the general public. João Falardo, Economic and Commercial Counsellor, AICEP - Trade & Investment Agency, stated that Portugal has a mature business environment, science and technology and talent support, innovation support policy that attract more business from China to invest and cooperate in Portugal.

During the keynote speeches, the topics related to current health policy in both China and EU were presented. WANG Yunpin, Professor, China National Health Development Research Center, delivered “Healthy China 2030" and China-EU Health Cooperation in the Context of International Solidarity Against Covid-19”. Stéphane Hogan, Head of “Stakeholder Engagement & Communication” Sector, People and Prosperity Directorates, DG Research & Innovation, European Commission, presented “European Covid-19 Response and future strategy under Horizon Europe (Cluster Health)”.

After the keynote speech, the EU and China health researchers were invited to attend the thematic sessions to address the topics on “Prevention and control of chronic diseases” and “Cooperation and development of China -EU health industry”.

This event was jointly organized by both European and Chinese partners, namely STEINBEIS 2I GMBH, SPI, AICEP Portugal, CRG, EVI, GAC from the European side, and Development Center for Medical Science and Technology, National Health Commission of P.R.C, Beijing University of Chinese Medicine, the secretariat of Chinese Health Experts Committee of Beijing Haizhi Program(S&T Linkedin) from the Chinese side. The event attracted nearly 40,000 participants joining through the online platform provided.

Posted by Mariana Marques on 07-Dec-2020 13:23

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