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Gensol (Shenzhen) Tech. Innovation Center - Our Regional Hub in Shenzhen

Gensol (Shenzhen) Tech. Innovation Center - Our Regional Hub in Shenzhen

It is an honour for the ENRICH in China Community to mark the soon-to-be first anniversary of the integration of Gensol (Shenzhen) Tech. Innovation Center Co., Ltd. as the ENRICH in China Regional Hub in Shenzhen. Many of our Community members might recall Gensol as an honourable guest participant or guest speaker at ENRICH in China webinars. Today, close to the first anniversary of Gensol's activities as ENRICH in China Regional Hub in Shenzhen, we would like to briefly present you this outstanding company's mission and objectives.

Gensol focuses on cross-border industry services between China and Europe. By acquiring, importing and integrating high-quality industrial resources at home and abroad, Gensol aims to build an open and international China-EU industrial collaborative innovation platform, introduce core technologies and advanced enterprises from Europe, promote the establishment of in-depth industrial cooperation with Chinese enterprises, and promote the collaborative innovation development of cross-border industries between China and Europe.

Gensol features a dedicated industry analysis team, that has been engaged in the research and analysis of regional economy and industry, and undertook the compilation of relevant government topics. Over 1,000 financing roadshows, 100+ market surveys and close to 15 years of cross-border activities mark the recent history of the ENRICH in China Regional Hub in Shenzhen - the Gensol Tech. Innovation Center.

We welcome you to visit Gensol's homepage to find out more about the company's activities, mission, objectives and core values: GENSOL – INNOVATION CENTER

The ENRICH in China Community is proud of this partnership and looks forward to many more joint activities, the collaborative fostering of EU-China cooperation and innovation!

Posted by The ENRICH in China team on 27-May-2022 15:10

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