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International High-level Talent Online Exchange Conference

International High-level Talent Online Exchange Conference

You are cordially invited to join 2022 International High-level Talent Online Exchange Conference.

If you are:
1. Innovative talents
- Professional technical personnel and management personnel in senior positions in foreign enterprises;
- Work as an associate professor or above in a foreign university or research institute;
2. Entrepreneurial talents
Has already started a business in China, the company has been operating for 2-5 years, has international leading technology or has obtained investments from VC, and is the main founder of the company. 
Those with overseas innovation experience can be admitted by exception.
3. Young talents
Date of birth after September 1st, 1982, engaged in natural science, engineering technology and other fields, working in well-known overseas universities, scientific research institutions, and enterprise R&D institutions for more than 36 consecutive months. If you have obtained a doctorate degree overseas and have worked in a well-known overseas company, the working time restrictions will be eased.

Please find the application form here and submit your CV! Doctors who successfully join the position through this activity will receive a one-time living allowance not exceeding 3.5 mil RMB!

Posted by The ENRICH in China Team on 10-Mar-2022 00:00

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