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Space in Response to COVID-19 Outbreak in Italy

 Space in Response to COVID-19 Outbreak in Italy

The European Space Agency (ESA) launched on 31st March 2020 an Announcement of Opportunity (AO) inviting companies to submit their ideas for deploying and demonstrating services to respond to the emergency that Europe, and especially Italy, is facing because of the spread of the coronavirus. The AO is issued in cooperation with the Italian Minister for Technological Innovation and Digitalization (MID).

Companies responding to the AO are invited to propose Demonstration Projects dedicated to the deployment and demonstration of pre-operational services, addressing Healthcare or Education. The proposed services shall be deployed in Italy, and can additionally be demonstrated in other geographies and countries, to the benefit of communities which are facing similar exceptional challenges.

To know more, please visit the ESA website at

Posted by Mariana Marques on 03-Apr-2020 18:54

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