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The SILKROAD 4.0 initiative

The SILKROAD 4.0 initiative

The ENRICH in China team recently met with Dr. Philipe Reinisch from the SILKROAD 4.0 initiative.

What started as an IoT-powered motorcycle tour across the European continent, expanded into becoming a connectivity platform for pioneers of Emerging Technologies and an unfamiliar, invitation-only "do-tank" for the technologies that will shape our future.

Thought leaders, CEOs & C-level executives, diplomats, proven senior technology experts and other distinguished guests of honour characterise this initiative's trademark (Digital) Silk Road Spirit it seeks to revive.

We look forward to engaging in joint activities with SILKROAD 4.0 - stay tuned for more information!

Posted by The ENRICH in China team on 15-Nov-2021 15:00

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