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WEBINAR | SEEnergy - Cooperation Opportunities between China and Southeast Europe (SEE)

WEBINAR | SEEnergy - Cooperation Opportunities between China and Southeast Europe (SEE)

On the 23rd of February, around 30 members from our ENRICH in China Community joined our "SEEnergies" webinar, dedicated to cooperation opportunities between China and Southeast Europe (SEE).

���� After opening remarks by Sara Medina and Daniel Pichler from SPI - Sociedade Portuguesa de Inovação, who were joined by their colleague Jiawei Wang, we had the pleasure of introducing the speakers from China (Huabing Li), Montenegro (Milica Markovic 米丽莎), Serbia (Miljan Radunovic) and Slovenia (Nina Pejič).

The speakers delivered short (5-minute) presentations on the current state of their country's cooperation with China; our Chinese speakers provided a general overview of their cooperation with Southeast European nations, thus completing the information presented to the participants.

The webinar shifted to a more interactive, open discussion format. The panelists built on their presentations to guide the debate on common areas for improvement, priorities to be set for future cooperation and challenges to be tackled for China-SEE collaboration. Private funding and state funding were part of the topics discussed, as well as mergers & acquisitions by Chinese firms. Examples for successful China-SEE cooperation were presented, (Pelješac Bridge), together with lessons learnt from challenging projects (Bar-Boljare motorway).

It was a pleasure to hear from people that stand at the forefront of China-SEE cooperation and we thank all the speakers and participants for this insightful webinar!

Posted by The ENRICH in China Team on 11-Mar-2022 00:00

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