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As a first step towards China, expertise and in-depth knowledge of the context and its opportunities and constraints is essential. Specifically within Chinese RDI setting, this expertise is of the upmost importance, as the innovation landscape moves fast. China can provide you with great opportunities for your business, but without the proper tools, it can also be a large risk to take.

ENRICH in China offers many reports and information that can help guide you HERE

However, if you need more specific or tailor made input, let us know and ENRICH in China can build you a customized package of support, guidance and technical assistance adjusted to your needs and priorities in China. With our consultancy and intelligence services, we are able to enhance your knowledge of the Chinese business and research environments, commercial market and the technology and innovation landscapes.

It includes services such as:



Are you a European STI company interested in entering the Chinese market with top knowledge about the RDI context, potential partnerships and funding opportunities and establish your business with a solid plan and a high-level of confidence? Then yes, it is for you! This service will provide you personalised support according to your company needs in order to overcome and thrive within the complexity of the Chinese fast-moving innovation market



ENRICH in China has a network of experienced experts and organisations within the context of the Chinese market, including Chinese institutions, European institutions with presence and experience in China, External Service Providers and Soft Landing Zones that can provide the knowledge and support according to your needs.

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